Umesh Mehta
CIO Sep 14th 2015 A-A+

The customer is the always king. This couldn’t be truer in the enterprise world where the customer wants access to the best possible services. The life sciences major launched a customer self-service portal on a CRM platform to enable B2B customers to log their orders, track order status, delivery status, payments, and aging.

This collaboration tool also enables customers to log complaints and track its status. There are dashboards for customers to track how much business they are doing, what products they are buying, at what price, and in what quantities.

The platform engages customers directly to get in touch with sales representatives through the CRM native chat functionality. Customers can look for latest product catalogs and also get latest updates about the company news.

The portal also enhances customer experience and facilitates all dealings with the company on a single platform, aided by interactive dashboards. The deployment also resulted in saving time on follow-ups.

The self-service portal has provided better accessibility of information through automation and has reduced manual intervention and efforts. It has also increased ownership and accountability of stakeholders.

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