V S Srirangarajan
CIO Sep 02nd 2018 A-A+

Srirangarajan is an alumnus of Central University of Hyderabad and a post-graduate in Computer Applications. In his three decades of career he has worked with ITC and Praxair, and since 2000 with Aditya Birla Group (ABG), where he is the CIO for Global Pulp and Fibre business. In his earlier roles he was the head of Centre of Excellence for Enterprise Applications for ABG, CIO of Retail Business, Acrylic Fibre & Overseas Spinning and Head-IT of Textiles Business. He represents ABG on Indus Board, the SAP user group. His areas of interest are Business Intelligence and enterprise applications. 

Digital Strategy: 

The manufacturing process at Grasim Pulp and Fibre is highly asset-intensive and quality-driven. Therefore, it becomes critical to measure in real-time the performance of plant equipment and monitor the quality of output. Hence the need for plant metrics.
It was challenging to measure such plant metrics in real-time from the machines and laboratory equipment and maintain them manually.

To overcome this, Grasim Pulp and Fibre took a strategic decision to implement MES at all manufacturing sites that will connect with the local DCS system and enable real-time data aggregation and rollout of a smart manufacturing solution for the organization. This integrated the plant DCS data across various geographies into a single portal, providing plant level and business level performance visibility. Thus enabling users (engineers at the shop floor or leadership team) to take proactive measures based on data and seamlessly share them across different functions and locations.

This initiative serves as a foundation for other smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0 programs within the company such as plant condition simulations, Digital Twin, predictive maintenance of lines and machineries, etc.

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