V Sendil Kumar
CIO Sep 14th 2015 A-A+

V Sendil Kumar is VP – IT at Shriram Value Services. An alumnus of IIM, Calcutta, he has been associated with Shriram Value Services for over 18 years. Prior to this, he was with a manufacturing organization for five years. Sendil Kumar’s expertise includes datacenter, disaster recovery, IT security, servers, storage, IT infrastructure, networking, and virtualization.

Digital Strategy

Shriram Value Services, the IT arm of Shriram Group, which is predominantly into lending and insurance is responsible for managing the IT of multiple entities. This makes availability, agility, and security reign as the top priorities when it comes to its datacenter.

The organization automated its datacenter and DR operations, with the end goals of business service availability, enhanced performance, advanced security and agile networking. Automation helped the organization shift applications across datacenters. This ensures high availability and no major downtime. Agility in deploying the applications and simplifying the process has taken its datacenter to the next level. Earlier, the deployment of applications would take more than two to three hours, which can now be done in minutes.

The Security Operation Center in the organization’s datacenter has also improved as it now integrates all logs and proactively monitors everything. Other benefits include reduction in networking bottlenecks, increased application performance and operational efficiency.

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