Vikas Gupta
CIO Sep 03rd 2018 A-A+

Vikas Gupta is a strategic IT leader with organizational authority for enterprise-wide technology planning and implementing solutions that intensify cost savings with continual refinement and improvement of IT performance. In his remarkable 20 years of experience, he has worked with the Big Four consulting firms, large global IT organizations, and is now associated with end user community.

He has delivered complex IT solutions, involving all major ERPs in conjunction with tailor-made modular bolt-ons to these ERPs, web-applications, SharePoint, custom workflow tools, across diverse geographical locations and across industry verticals including financial services, manufacturing, projects, engineering and construction, services, travel and hospitality, and telecommunications. 

His recent organization-wide technical overhauls involve large scale usage of new age technologies like digitization, mobility, cloud, big data and analytics.

Digital Strategy

H-Energy deployed the DIGI-Procure project this year. The initiative is intended to automate the requisition-to-pay cycle. The project has combined inputs both from system-generated material planning and any other inputs fed in manually. The system is completely on-line and has enabled stakeholder organizations to create a digital footprint and simultaneously reduce carbon footprints.

The implemented system helps the company with vendor selection and automatic generation of a formal purchase order for the finalized materials and selected L1 vendors. The purchase order then moves through an auto-approval process based on the amounts, in an integrated framework. 

An integrated vendor-customer portal enables external stakeholders to upload their invoices in an online mode. The uploaded invoices go through a complex workflow of site material recipient, site finance, site project director, corporate finance, corporate taxation, etc. and finally to the team that makes a payment. Each approval is notified on the portal and is visible to the associated stakeholders.

The system has incorporated mobility which also enables approvals to be made online, even if it’s outside the corporate environment. This is further accentuated with the online document storage facility to attach critical documents, related document approvals, and thus facilitates decisions on-the-go. The project brings complete transparency to all stake-holders involved – both internal and external.

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