CIO100 2016 Spotlights
Swapna Bapat: Network Driven IT Automation

The network infrastructure is one of the most important gears that keeps the enterprise wheels spinning, and automating it can help.  

Stuart Knight: Leave a Creative Legacy

What do you want to leave behind when your journey ends? A creative legacy is what Stuart Knight recommends to CIOs at CIO 100 2016.

Joel Sequiera: Keep Your Options Open With The Next Generation SUSE Linux Enterprise OS

When you talk about Linux, you are no longer thinking about Redhat, says Joel Sequiera, technology specialist of SUSE at CIO 100 2016.

Stuart Knight: Who is in Your Head

While taking decisions that can make or break the industry, IT leaders undergo a lot of stress. At CIO 100 2016, Stuart Knight spoke about how to control stress by controlling your mind.

Santanu Ghose: Securing the Digital Workplace, Adaptive Trust for Mobility and IoT

If not planned and not researched well, the security software can itself be an issue, says Santanu Ghose, director, Aruba, an HPE company, at CIO 100 2016.