CIO100 2016 Symposium
CIO100 2016 Symposium
Vishak Raman: The Art of Cyber Resilience

The enterprise has to constantly deal with attacks, and while bugs are eliminated, chances of the attacker repeating the breach are higher. Threat intelligence, therefore, plays a pivotal role here. FireEye, having already made a name in spotting zero-day threats, shared the tricks-of-the-trade in beating the bad guys.

Sanjay Podder: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Business Transformation

In a conversation with CIO, Sanjay Podder, MD of Accenture Labs spoke about leveraging artificial intelligence for business transformation and creating a shift in data culture at CIO 100 2016.

Santanu Ghose: Intelligent Mobility For Better Workplace Productivity And Increased Customer Satisfaction

With the digital wave sweeping through the enterprise, Santanu Ghose, Director at Aruba (an HPE company), emphasized on the need for enterprises to look at other technologies and what it means to truly be agile in today’s environment.


Stuart Knight: Take Pride and Have Thicker Skin

When things go well, take pride. But what happens when they don't? Stuart Knights encourages our CIOs at CIO100 2016 to be the leaders that they are meant to be by taking both pain and pride in the right spirit.

Sandeep Kulkarni: Digital Transformation of the Enterprise

IT leaders attending CIO 100 2016 are seeking greater clarity in terms of integrating various business functions as they gear up for their digital transformation journey.