CIO100 2016 Videos
CIO100 2016 Videos
Cloud is Here to Stay for Long : P Sridhar Reddy,CtrlS

The cloud ecosystem has matured multifold for CIOs to usher in digital transformation within their organizations, says P Sridhar Reddy, CMD,CtrlS Datacentres.

Great Leaders Leave a Creative Legacy : Stuart Knight

CIOs should work in sync with their teams to leave a legacy that stands the test of time and that legacy is highly creative, says professional speaker and acclaimed author, Stuart Knight.

Artificial Intelligence is a Reality Across Indian Organizations : Sanjay Podder, Accenture

CIOs should adopt newer technologies like AI, machine learning, robotics to witness business transformation, says Sanjay Podder, MD, Accenture Techlabs.

Be Open to Next-gen SUSE Linux Enterprise OS : Joel Sequiera

CIOs should explore all possible options in the modern world including best-of-breed open source technologies, says Joel Sequiera, technology specialist of SUSE

Digital Transformation is Real and Now: Kamal Nath, Sify Technologies

ICT transformation catalyzed by SMAC is impacting the core of digital business for organizations, says Kamal Nath,CEO,Sify Technologies

Master the Art of Powerful Conversation : Stuart Knight

Leaders and their teams should talk with trust, command and respect with all of their business partners says author and renowned speaker  Stuart Knight 

Transformational Leadership is Key : Prof.Ravi Chandran

A successful transformational leader needs to have compassion, humility and the ability to sacrifice, says Prof. A Ravi Chandran from IIM-A

Imbibe Clear and Precise Ideation for Seamless Execution: Stuart Knight

CIOs should have long-tail business plans and detailed IT strategy with a crystal clear direction says author and professional speaker Stuart Knight .

Intelligent Mobility is Key to Transformation: Santanu Ghose, Aruba

 Santanu Ghose, Director at Aruba (an HPE company), emphasized on the need for enterprises to look at other technologies and what it means to truly be agile in today’s environment.

Importance of Critical Infrastructure Transformation : Nikhil Pathak, Schneider Electric

With digital transformation gaining importance, CIOs should also consider critical infrastructure transformation says Nikhil Pathak,VP & CGM, IT Business at Schneider Electric India.

Stuart Knight: Take Pride and Have Thicker Skin

Business leaders need to be extremely proud of their teams at all times, says professional speaker and acclaimed author Stuart Knight.

Leverage the Power of Connected Enterprise: Sukesh Jain, Samsung

Sukesh Jain, Vice President, Samsung India talks about the new wave of connected devices enhancing productivity and business benefits across India Inc.

CIOs are Flag Bearers of the Success of Digital India : Arvind Gupta

IT leaders and CIOs should move from back office roles to the front end to become customer-centric and innovate in the tech world, says Arvind Gupta, founder Digital India foundation & head IT – BJP.


The Cloud is Accelerating Digital Transformation: Taru Dahiya, Google

Digital transformation is happening across enterprises, catalyzed by the all-pervasive cloud, says Taru Dahiya, head of JAPAC, Google for Work, Google Digital Transformation.

We are in the Era of Software-driven Networks: Swapna Bapat, Brocade

The traditional networks have become automated and software centric to drive more efficiency and reduce complexity for CIOs, says Swapna Bapat, Director Technical Sales, Brocade India.