Over the past 24 years, DEMO has launched some of the world’s most innovative brands including WebEx,, VMware and Evernote

Unmatched record of promoting and making successful some of the most game-changing products the world has seen


Over the past 24 years, DEMO has launched some of the world’s most innovative brands including WebEx,, VMware and Evernote

Unmatched record of promoting and making successful some of the most game-changing products the world has seen


Altiux Innovations is a software and product engineering services organization focused on designing and developing Internet of Things (IoT) enabled products and solutions for the smart connected world. Our clientele spans verticals like Consumer Electronics, Smart Homes/Buildings, Smart Cities and Industrial automation. Our flagship offering - IoT Toolkit– is a comprehensive suite of ready to use software frameworks for IoT implementations. It helps our clients offer differentiated solutions while accelerating time-to-market, reducing overall product development expenses and future proofing investments. Our services portfolio encapsulates our collective expertise in areas of smart devices, Mobility, Big Data, Cloud and Analytics with the goal of providing hands-on support for customers as they embark on their IoT product development journey. We are headquartered in Bangalore, India with sales presence in US, Germany, Korea and Japan.


Altizon is the world’s first Industrial Internet Platform company focused on making Enterprises Internet of Things(IoT) ready. Altizon’s flagship product, the Datonis® IoT Platform, helps enterprises build IoT products and solutions in weeks by providing device connectivity kits, a device management layer, a highly-scalable, real-time, big-data analytics engine and alerting and monitoring services. Enterprises use Datonis® for driving Condition Monitoring, Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning solutions. Recognized as Gartner Cool Vendor 2015, Intech50, Microsoft Enterprise Ready Startups, Altizon serves to 130+ Enterprise customers from over 30 countries.


AppPoint delivers a comprehensive technology platform which includes a set of unique tools specifically designed for business users to develop enterprise class business applications, simplifying & accelerating the process while embracing latest technology and business models. 

AppPoint's core team comprises of individuals with extensive expertise in designing and developing some of the industry leading tools for companies such as Rational Software. 


The AutoVRse Virtual Showroom is an interactive Virtual Reality experience that empowers your customers to explore and customise life-size cars in real time. It can be installed at any showroom, kiosk or exhibit. Using the AutoVRse Virtual Showroom, OEMs and dealerships will be able to display their entire array of cars - including all model variants, colors and accessories - to any customer who visits their showroom, instantly. This leads to quicker customer decisions and higher specification sales. Our photo-realistic graphics, when combined with the awe-inspiring, high impact nature of Virtual Reality as a medium, ensures that your customers fully understand the car's personality and features.


Bolt, is an IOT platform that enables enterprise and makers to easily and quickly build IoT products. Bolt comes with a WiFi Module and a cloud platform which helps the enterprise connect their products to the Internet. Our cloud platform helps them control and monitor the products over the Internet, create personalized dashboards to visualize the data, monitor the device health and much more. With Bolt, the companies can build scalable IoT prototypes in just a days time.


Buzzinga is a product spin-off from Headrun Technologies, an IT services firm started in 2011 with a vision of bringing advanced technology to solve practical problems. What started as two guys coding away in a spare balcony is now a bootstrapped team of 75 buzzing Headrunners. Having built an expertise on data crawling and aggregation from various ad-hoc projects, Buzzinga is the flagship product from the stables of Headrun and aims to simplify social for clients. Over time, Buzzinga which started off with global social listening has evolved into a platform that also aggregates owned media for clients and BuzzWall displays for social engagement.


3D printing is the most looked up to but most misunderstood sector in technology field today. Amidst these haze, we bring to you, Chizel, an additive manufacturing design studio with a vision to augment human life making our life functionally more effecient and aesthetically more beautiful.  

Founded by IIT Roorkee graduates, Chizel strongly believes in possibilities of  additive manufacturing technology that can transform industries and consumer sectors. Chizel currently caters to architecture, automotive, medical and IOT COMPANIES. They call themselves “UBER FOR 3D printing”

CloudCherry is the definitive real-time, omni-channel, end-to-end Customer Experience Management platform that helps customer-facing brands track, measure, improve & deliver Customer Delight – thereby increasing Profitability and Customer Loyalty.
The customizable, easy-to-use platform helps several leading brands across the world in Retail, E-commerce, Banking, Insurance, Hospitality, Healthcare, Aviation today. 
EffiaSoft is winner of Red Herring Asia 2016, recognized by Google, Microsoft, IBM, NASSCOM and Stanford PNGrowth to name a few. Effiasoft has scalable technology which can meet the demands of your ever evolving business. 

Empass is a mobile based learning platform for job seekers and professionals trying to learn new and in-demand skills on their smartphones. Empass uses the best practices of Gamification and Assessments to offer bite-sized content that can be used to improve skills anytime, anywhere.

For Corporate users including C-level executives (e.g. attendees at IDG event), Empass offers a great value-add for their organization since our mobile platform can be used for assessing and improving the skills across small teams or large groups with the same ease. 

The platform presently covers 15 skills across Aptitude, Business and Technical domains. Companies can deploy their own custom-content to run our Gamified assessment platform internally.


Feltso is a ‘Social review analytics’ artificial intelligence engine that collects, collates and analyses the “voice-of-customer” in the form of thousands of reviews/feedback from and present a simplistic analysis of consumer sentiments for almost any product or service in the world.

Infruid Labs

Infruid Labs is headquartered in the US with its Development Centre in Hyderabad. Vizard, Infruid’s patent-pending Big Data Visualization platform, is helping customers transform into data-driven Organizations. Vizard’s unique data discovery feature lets users ask questions in simple English and answers back with interactive charts. Vizard is being used across Industries and functions. Some of Infruid’s customers include: A large North American Bank, A multi-billion dollar financial services and technology company, Tata Power Solar, Tata Steel.

R2 Robotronics

R2 ROBOTRONICS, was born out of the understanding that the way every mode of transport is slowly seeing an integration with cloud, why not drones? DROSNAS or the Drone Swarm Navigation System was initially meant to be geared towards e-commerce but when we started getting a feedback on the product’s idea we realized the applications were far bigger than what we initially thought. We pitched the idea to the team at Jaarvis Accelerator, they liked it and in Feb 2016 we were enrolled in their program. Post that we have been awarded “Best Innovative Tech Startup” at India International MSME Expo, “One of the most promising tech idea” at the CII Connect 2016, apart from winning a few startup pitch events. 


Founded in 2015 and based out of Bangalore. Retigence Technologies is a predictive analytics company with a revolutionary SAP HANA solution that optimizes the supply chain inventory with real-time actionable insights.


Since its official inception in November 2013, Simulanis has been a revenue-generating company and hit the profitability mark in its first full financial year of operation (which was FY 2014-15). After developing a host of AR-VR prototypes in January 2015 and getting excellent customer feedback for the same, over the years, Simulanis has garnered noteworthy recognition for their work by being awarded the Tech Business of the Year 2016 (in June 2016) from ASSOCHAM, and being listed by PC Quest Magazine (in June 2016) as one of the top Ed-Tech companies in 2016.