Event Playback

If you missed out this year’s edition of Agenda 2017 or want to revisit the sessions, here is our extensive coverage of the event, featuring IT leaders (and the presentations used in their respective sessions).

Transform for the future your Dell EMC advantage
The DELL EMC advantage brings technology innovation to people and organizations, so they can transform and thrive in the digital economy. 
Abhijit Potnis, Director – System Engineering
Transformation in the world of IoT, digitization, automation and infrastructure optimization
Schneider Electric empowers customers and partners by solving the key challenges through DCLS for their critical infrastructure in the digital era.
Aniket Patange, Director, Data Center Life Cycle Services
Cyber security landscape 2017
Cyber security is the need for the hour when the country is witnessing a digital evolution. But will cyber law curb dark web, cyber terrorism or cybercrime as a service?
Pavan Duggal
Cyber Lawyer and Cyber Law Expert
Disruption (Part 1)
Disruptions are questioning the status quo and is all about unbundling the product, changing price performance ratio and providing wide availability.
Prof. Ravichandran
Disruption (Part 2)
Management, response and reaction to disruptive innovations are of great significance. These innovations offer a product to match the solution.

Prof. Ravichandran,


Document management solutions
Managed document services, bridges the gap between paper and digital waste allowing the employees to always have access to the information they require.
Rajiv Bhatia, Vice President & COO
Ricoh India
Discover data-driven possibilities
‎2017 is going to be a year of data literacy. It will not only be easier to combine different data sources with one another but several vendors will now introduce “freemium”.
Nilesh Kulkarni, Solutions Consultant
Leveraging open innovation to drive breakthrough results
Value chain companies are largely replaced by platform companies and this is only possible through open innovation. Accenture provides open innovation as a service - from scouting of a startup to its full deployment.  
Avnish Sabharwal, MD - Open Innovation, India
Cloud trends and roadmap 2017
Hybrid Cloud is the new way in 2017. Cloud concerns keeping IT department awake at night can now be tamed through NetMagic’s vast array of Cloud solutions and cloud management platforms.
Nitin Mishra, Sr. VP & Chief Product Officer,
Accelerating hybrid IT for digital business - practical consideration
Dimension Data brings business experience for hybrid IT to deliver globally integrated service, increased benefits through automation and end-to-end management.
Shivasankar K, Head, Next Generation Data Centre Business,
Dimension Data India
Digitization and smart workplaces
Digitalization and smart workplaces is all about transforming the future. The future will just be more disruptive but first some work on seeing the unseen has to be done now so that we have choices in the future.
Dr. Sumit Choudhary, CEO,
Gaia Smart Cities