Expert Views
Expert Views
Leveraging data explosion with a hybrid strategy

Qlik’s power lies in converting raw material into extremely powerful insights for businesses, says Julian Quinn, Regional VP, APAC, Qlik.

Harnessing the Power of Open Innovation for Indian Enterprises

Watch how Accenture is creating a culture of entrepreneurship innovation through digital collabration. 

Tech Vision 2017 for the Indian CIO

Learn how the latest digital technology innovations will change the way your enterprise functions in the modern digital era.

Flash and hybrid cloud to be the game changers of 2017

There will be a shift towards hybrid cloud adoption and flash, not just for its cost efficiencies but also to reach out to new markets and increase productivity.

Digital cohesion: The era beyond disruption

Digital Cohesion is an inevitable near-future era, but what’s remarkable is the journey of how we’ll actually get there.

2017 transformation guide: Multi-layer channel network, SDx and IoT

2017 will witness emergence of niche players and transformation of the established, new solution offerings and extinction of traditional technology usage.

Website baseline security is the need of the hour

Getting an SSL certificate for your website is the first step towards combating cyber attacks.

Businesses beware! Threat predictions are back in the New Year

Businesses are paralyzed with fear over cyber threats. 2017 will be different only in the form of threats that might appear.

What will the future of hardware in enterprise look like?

Hardware will drive opportunity that will be leveraged using software to disrupt the conventional and enterprises should be prepared.

2017 may be your last chance to transition to digital and survive

Organizations require transformation in every aspect of the business. The pillars of transformation are the 3Ts: Technology, teams and trust. 

Securing your apps to protect the larger network

Security services must be deployed as part of an integrated system that deploys all of the application delivery services required.

Operating in a connected, technologically vulnerable world

By pooling in global threat intelligence tools, making efficient use of data analytics and machine-learning technologies, enterprises can thwart emerging threats.

Enterprises should strive to become digital businesses

Enterprises need to move beyond mere experiments with digital and transform themselves into digital businesses.

Cyber security in 2017 calls for an integrated approach

The threat landscape ahead could land organizations on unchartered terrain but with a holistic approach to cyber security, they would be able to fortify their defenses.

Your information is as secure as your policy

Enforcing the right policies will ensure you can prevent data extrusion.

10 tips to secure your enterprise in 2017 and beyond

These ten tips can help you stay ahead in a threat landscape that is only getting murkier.