Welcome note: Meraj Ahmad

Meraj Ahmad, country manager enterprise strategy & global accounts, Hewlett Packard India, shares insights on India's digital transformation in his welcome note for CIO Year Ahead 2018.

Leadership in the digital economy: K Vaitheeswaran

K Vaitheeswaran, father of ecommerce in India, elaborates ten traits of an ideal digital leader in order to have a successful ecommerce business.

Chat-with-Editor: Office of the future - HPI
In a chat with the editor, Meraj Ahmad and Anurag Gupta of HP Inc, discuss how enterprises can transform their IT strategy to be future ready. 
Solving "X": Gangadhar Heralgi, Co-founder & CTO, Monocept

Gangadhar Heralgi, Co-Founder and CTO at Monocept, shares insights into solving business problems in a digital economy at the CIO Year Ahead 2018.

Today's data protection: Prashant Mali, Cyber Crime Expert Lawyer

Prashant Mali, talks about data protection acts, awareness of privacy and BYOD agreements, which every organization should have.

Cybersecurity - Beyond the box: Vishak Raman, Director- Security Business, CISCO India & SAARC

Vishak Raman shares insights into the rapidly speeding hackers, and how the landscape is fast evolving and how IT leaders can stay ahead of this mayhem.

Keeping pace with the cloud environment: S Raghunath, Professor, IIM-B
S.Raghunath talks to CIOs regarding the threats posed by the cloud, the correct adoption of cloud based on the kind of data and adopting appropriate governance and security measures to protect sensitive data in the cloud. 
Infrastructure for the cognitive era: Ravi Jain, IBM
Ravi Jain, shares insights on how digital disruption is affecting every industry and profession and performace capabilities of IBM flash systems and IBM spectrum scale.
The journey to cloud: Suvasish Mohapatra, Head of Operations, Accenture India

Accenture India's Suvasish Mohapatra elaborates on the enterprise's rise to the cloud.

Analytics - The long term differentiator: Venu Reddy, IDC CCR

Venu Reddy discusses how businesses can leverage analytics to derive long term  benefits.

Disruptive analytics–Innovation with acceleration: Raghavendran Kandaswami, SAS

Raghavendran Kandaswami of SAS India talks about the priorities related to analytics at the CIO Year Ahead.

Unified governance for building data lakes: Manmeet Singh Kahlon, IBM

Manmeet Singh Kahlon talks about how to govern data lakes in order to derive trusted insights for business benefits.

3D printing - The next frontier: Guruprasad Rao, Imaginarium
Guruprasad Rao, Director of Imaginarium explains how this technology of the future will shape the enterprise. 
Shifting gears of India's digital economy: Sharad Sharma, iSPIRIT

Sharad Sharma on the fast pace of digitization of India and how every aspect of the business is bound to change accordingly.