Which new technologies should IT leaders add to their playbooks in 2018?

Last year, IT leaders needed to master IoT and AI to stay relevant and ahead of the competition. This year, it’s AR-VR, 3D printing, and wearables.

Jan 09th 2018 A-A+

Gone are the days when Social Mobile Analytics Cloud (SMAC) was the focal point of IT leaders. Already taking the consumer industry by storm, augmented reality-virtual reality, 3D printing and wearables are the coolest kids on the block. While the US leads in the adoption and innovation of these technologies, the Indian market is not far behind. The average Indian user may already be using a smartwatch, and retail players have incorporated virtual dressing rooms at their stores. The manufacturing and healthcare industry is also adopting 3D printing, managing to benefit quite a bit. But, the question remains, how fast is the market growing?