Ameyo launches video call center integration with technology from Vidyo

Call center technology company Ameyo has launched a new integrated video call center capability powered by technology from Vidyo, a provider in visual communications and collaboration technology.

Ameyo Mar 03rd 2016 A-A+

By combining their Ameyo solution with the VidyoWorks platform, Ameyo customers now have the ability to embed visual communication into any customer experience application, workflow or endpoint. Video communication between customers and agents can lead to enhanced collaboration and improved contact center efficiency. By providing this integrated video capability, Ameyo is largely catering to its customers in banking, e-commerce, financial services, telecommunications, travel & tourism, healthcare, retail and other industries to meet the demand for online web meetings, technical support, discussions, etc.

“Integrating Vidyo with Ameyo’s customer engagement platform will help Vidyo better address mid-market customers in South Asia and the Middle East and present new co-sell opportunities globally,” said Eran Westman, CEO. “The experience Vidyo delivers combined with Ameyo’s platform will help Ameyo partners and prospects address demands for a video customer engagement solution that is secure, scalable and works across variable networks and devices.”

The solution also covers aspects of a typical contact center like intelligent video-call routing to Agents (skill based, preferred agent, etc.), video-call transfer and conference over video.

“The integration of VidyoWorks with our customer interaction platform has provided streamlined experience for our customers. Video interaction is a faster and more personal way to connect with customers and has a higher level of customer satisfaction than any other channel,” said Bishal Lacchiramka, CEO, Ameyo.