SmartSky selects NFV solution from Brocade and VMware

Brocade and VMware have announced that SmartSky Networks is building an air-to-ground broadband network using the companies’ interoperable and pre-certified network functions virtualization (NFV) solutions.

BROCADE Apr 13th 2016 A-A+

SmartSky is deploying the Brocade Virtual Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) running on VMware vCloud NFV to implement a new network, connecting more than 250 cell sites.

SmartSky requires a flexible pan-US network to deliver differentiated services that meet the requirements of its customers. Traditional hardware-defined networks do not scale dynamically in a modular way to provide sufficient connectivity and mobility for SmartSky’s broadband service running over a large geographic area. The combined NFV solution from Brocade and VMware enables SmartSky to take a software-defined approach to network infrastructure that is more agile, flexible and cost-effective than a hardware-based approach.

David Claassen, vice president of network and service architecture at SmartSky said, “As we worked through the design, it became clear that using an NFV approach and leveraging commodity hardware for the underlying physical fabric would deliver the best ROI while increasing our service-ability and reducing many of the operational headaches common with traditional hardware-based networks.”

“Brocade and VMware have collaborated for years as NFV partners, driving performance, scalability and life-cycle management for network functions to customers such as SmartSky,” said Nishi Kant, vice president of mobile networking, Brocade.

“SmartSky is representative of just how transformative NFV can be to customers, enabling them to completely rethink how to build and design services to meet their requirements,” said David Wright, vice president of operations, Telco NFV Group at VMware.