Ace Turtle rolls out KAT predictive support for retail supply chains

Ace Turtle’s KAT support plans on assisting retail brands in their journey on the omni-channel service platform, maximizing the power of the Rubicon platform.

With the increasing number of Indians purchasing goods and services online, omnichannel strategy is emerging as one of the most effective retail strategies to boost the sales. This strategy provides a unified approach where supply chain operations of retail brands can be managed through a single platform.

Retail Association of India predicts the modern retail market in India to boost to 1718 billion INR by 2019, resulting a rising number of of retail brands looking to deploy technologies for effective management of their channels, both online and offline . Although a fastly rising trend, without a strong tech support, omnichannel strategies can prove to be a headache for retail enterprises due to multiple variables at play across the supply chain.

“KAT is a tech-driven assistance for retailers on their journey on our omni-channel platform. Using advanced predictive analytics and AI, we help retailers detect issues that arise in any aspect of the multi-channel ecosystem."


                                                    Kapil Bhatia, CTO, Ace Turtle

Players in the retail services space are constantly innovating to meet the challenges posed by complex supply chains. One such major player Ace Turtle has introduced KAT support to further enhance the effectiveness of their proprietary omni-channel platform. The company aims to address the various retail complexities and keep brands updated with issues that may arise with their supply chain ecosystem. 

“Since brands are our key customers, how do we help these brands to optimize our platform so that they optimize their business? That is where we conceptualized KAT. It is a tech-driven assistance that we provide to our customer brands to solve their problems,” said Kapil Bhatia, Chief Technology Officer, Ace Turtle.

Features of KAT support on the Rubicon platform

- Integration of all omni-channels of a retail on a single platform

- Tech support for all steps in the retail supply chain

- Predictive analytics to assist retailers in advance

- Real-time reconciliation and mediation between e-commerce platforms and retailers

Predictive analytics provides a competitive edge 

Using predictive analytics for detecting issues in advance as well as taking smarter decisions using machine learning, the platform aims to give digital businesses a competitive edge. The organization reports that its command center has now enabled self-healing support for recurring issues that retail customers may face. 

“One important part of KAT is the predictive support in which before our customers even contact us by email or the phone, we tell them predictively the issues the brand may face. We have live streaming of whatever is happening in our ecosystem, and if anything is going wrong, we come to know upfront and then we propagate that to our customers,” told Bhatia.

Seamless omni-channel support 

The company is working to enhance the sales strategy of their clients by seamlessly integrating all online and offline retail channels, in addition to addressing issues related to cataloging, inventory, orders, and logistics on their platform. Reconciliation for any mismatch of information between the marketplace and warehouse is done real time on the Rubicon platform. The tech support is complemented by a unified dashboard which the retail brands can use to constantly track their inventory and order information across  channels.