CIO Year Ahead 2018: Where India’s IT roadmap gets decided

The 11th edition of the action-oriented conference will reveal what it takes to go beyond the pilot stage of digital transformation and decide the IT roadmap for 2018. 

As we approach the New Year, we are reminded of the fact that 2017 was a year of digital experimentation for enterprises. The Indian technology industry has already taken the crucial first steps towards digital transformation. The IT sector is now moving beyond the experimental stage and has found itself in the eye of the storm where technology is changing at unprecedented levels.

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CIO 18 The Year Ahead throws light on these important changes. The 11th edition of IDG's annual, insightful and action-oriented conference will bring together some of India’s best technological minds to prepare a roadmap for the future.

This year, the focus is on the technologies that are disrupting the business of IT in India. CIO 18 The Year Ahead will unlock the blueprint for: Internet of things (IoT), mobility, security, analytics and cloud.

The prestigious two-day event will take place on November 22-23, 2017 at Shangri-La Hotel, Bangalore. This 11th edition will turn the spotlight on the key aspects of doing business in a digital economy. As the driver of change, the CIO must not only adapt and evolve, but also future-proof the organization to survive in the digital economy. The intense pressure to stand out from the crowd and generate new sources of revenue is no more the responsibility of the board, but the burden is now shared.

The CIO must plant the seeds for technological and cultural change within the organization, to prepare the enterprise and the workforce for the road ahead.

At CIO 18 The Year Ahead, eminent speakers, IT experts and thought leaders will gather under a single roof to decide India’s IT roadmap. Watch this space as we will bring you live commentary and minute by minute updates from the mega IT conference.