CTOs of Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel quit

Chief technology officers of the country’s leading telecom operators Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel have resigned from their respective companies.


According to latest reports, Reliance Jio Group Chief Technology Officer Jagbir Singh and Bharti Airtel's Chief Technology Officer for mobile networks Shyam Prabhakar Mardikar have resigned from their respective offices.

Jagbir Singh had joined Reliance Jio Group before the soft launch of 4G services. With over a decade of experience, Singh prior to this assignment was working with Samsung, and had previously worked with Airtel, where he played a crucial role for over a decade.

Bharti Airtel’s chief technology officer for mobile networks, Shyam Prabhakar Mardikar has also decided to step down from the company. Mardikar was serving as CTO of Airtel’s mobile network since January 2017.

According to sources, the reports have been confirmed by a spokesperson from the Bharti Airtel. In his second stint in the company Mardikar has been with the company since August 2012.

Prior to this he served the company back in 2001-2010. Although, there has been no confirmed reports of why stepping down, many reports suggest that he resigned to move up the ladder in his career.