Sanjay Podder: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Business Transformation

In a conversation with CIO, Sanjay Podder, MD of Accenture Labs spoke about leveraging artificial intelligence for business transformation and creating a shift in data culture at CIO 100 2016.

With artificial intelligence now becoming a reality as machine learning algorithms are now capturing and leveraging data for actionable insights, enhanced employee and customer engagement. This enhances the industry’s power to transform businesses through intelligent automation and augmentation. However, harnessing the power of AI to transform business needs dramatic shift across all aspects of any enterprise.

At CIO 100 2016, in a conversation with CIO, Sanjay Podder, MD of Accenture Labs, supported by Rajiv Gerela, VP – global technology at Deutsche Bank and Sachin Gupta, SVP and CIO at Havells India, discussed the need for a shift in data culture and why data is the new ammunition in the corporate strategy arsenal.

“Data is all pervasive and disrupting enterprise like never before,” said Podder. Agreeing with Podder, Gupta elaborated on how Havells is using machine learning and Internet of Things (IoT) as a part of his organization's augmented intelligence strategy.

The banking sector has been witness to and has successfully adopted a variety of automation technologies over the last couple of decades. Gerela emphasized on the aggressive crowd storming by Deutsche Bank on innovative ideas in AI and how the sector will continue to do so, keeping the high compliance requirements of the sector in mind.

While AI is becoming more and more important in various industries, IT leaders are looking at and debating its adoption in different forms. However, this calls for a huge shift in the way data is perceived, understood, used and leveraged in innovative ways within an organization.

Watch the complete session below.