Agenda 18: BFSI
Agenda 18: BFSI
Digital payment companies give traditional banks a run for their money

With digital payment companies fiercely competing with traditional banking institutions, we take a look at what lies in store for the BFSI sector in 2018.

Technologies and tools that drive the BFSI sector today

Here are some of the recent and emerging trends, technologies and tools that are likely to transform the BFSI sector in a technologically disrupted tomorrow.

Regulatory regime for BFSI: How information security will play a critical role

Regulatory agencies like RBI and IRDAI are taking steps to secure BFSI companies from cyber threats.

BFSI sector will be the key target of cyber criminals in 2018

BFSI companies were possibly the biggest target of cyber criminals over the last couple of years. The trend is likely to continue as cyber criminals will continue to find innovative ways to steal identity and money.

Modern banking: Collapsing boundaries, transcending experiences

In the age of digital natives that can onboard a customer using a single mobile device, a bank’s conventional form-photo-sign onboarding process is clearly a dealbreaker. Here is how to tread the tightrope between regulatory compliance and frictionless customer experience.