Agenda 18: Cloud
Agenda 18: Cloud
Are CIOs confident enough to adopt cloud and how can cloud service providers help?

With issues of data residency and reluctance to move away from legacy resolved, the question now arises if the average Indian CIO has enough faith in cloud service providers to store and manage critical business data seamlessly.

The cloud market: Who are the rulers and why?

The public cloud services market of India is predicted to cross USD 4 billion by 2020. Which cloud service providers are making all the difference?

Cloud is evolving: Welcome to cloud 2.0

Cloud’s first avatar aka cloud 1.0 was all about agility, scalability, time and cost savings. Today the model is evolving, making way for its next version, which is more interactive, intelligent and business driven.

Cloud migration: Redefining the role of CIO as enterprises transform

Migrating to the cloud model is strategically re-defining the role and responsibilities of CIO’s.

Santhosh Rao: The Face and shape of cloud computing in 2018

While the cloud is evolving as an alternative model to traditional IT, cloud architects must also thoroughly understand the cost implications of their design.