Agenda 18: IoT
Agenda 18: IoT
IoT: The CIO challenge

IoT has become one of the most familiar - and perhaps, most hyped - term in the business technology domain

IoT and the big data explosion: How are the CIOs coping?

2018 looks much more promising with mass market deployments especially in industrial IoT space which offers strong tangible benefits. But what does this mean to the CIO?

Is your organization IoT ready?

Billions of devices and sensors, driven by a fabric of software and connectivity will be a reality by the next decade.

Smart and AMRUT cities: IoT and security take center stage

As digitally connected infrastructure becomes ubiquitous, IT implementations have to ensure better data security.

New kids on the block: AR-VR, wearables and 3D printing

SMAC architecture is passé, and every sector is now headed to a time of augmented reality-virtual reality, wearables, and 3D printing