Agenda 18: IT-ITES
Agenda 18: IT-ITES
Trends that impact IT-ITES in 2018 and after

Enterprises will disrupt themselves in more than one way in the coming years

Skilling India's techies: Opportunity or challenge?

Here is why India’s IT industry is betting on creativity, design thinking, data science and empathy.

India is the new emerging market for IT/ITeS companies

Despite apprehensions and a possible slowdown, EU and US continue to be the key markets for Indian software service providers and IT enabled services. But then there is also a potential domestic market opening up.

Dealing with Brexit, GDPR and Greek Meltdown

As foreign markets transform due to new economic realities, Indian IT sector should find ways to adapt and capitalize on new opportunities.

How Trump and New Policies can impact India’s business with the US

While Donald Trump promotes "Make in America" and more jobs for locals, Indian IT companies have already started revising their long-standing offshore policies. But what is the long term impact of these?

T G Dhandapani: Is your infrastructure digital-ready?

The key expectation from infrastructure for 2018 will not just be uptime and availability, but one that will help in developing customer facing technologies and innovative deployment.