Agenda 18: Retail
Agenda 18: Retail
Freshdesk helps Decathlon achieve 82 percent customer satisfaction rating

Decathlon has been using Freshdesk for over four years now and today they are a team of 45 customer support reps using Freshdesk. Freshdesk has thus contributed to the vision of Decathlon to make sports accessible to all.

API-first approach and craftsmanship make a nimble solution

Roadmap to providing an immersive customer experience and the technology that goes behind making Freshworks’ products adaptable and intuitive: Sidharth Malik, Chief Revenue Officer at Freshworks, talks to IDG Media.

Integrated Customer Experiences

Game Changer for Omnichannel Retail

Customer experience is the king in ecommerce

Customer experience offered by e-commerce companies has come a long way in the past 17 years. Here is a look at what are the latest technologies companies to keep customers coming back to their site.

Moving to omnichannel for survival

To retain market share the retail moves to omni-channel but here are a few challenges it has to face.

Retail e-commerce: Deploying technology to sell to millennials

Here’s how e-commerce companies can leverage technology to get actionable business insights and effectively target millennials in 2018.

As ecomm demand rises, logistics industry transforms

With over a million deliveries each day, the time is here when technologies such as IoT and automation are put in place to ensure faster, smoother and automated deliveries.

Retail e-commerce: How AR and VR can transform shopping

Augmented and Virtual reality (AR/VR) technologies are revolutionizing the way people shop for products and e-commerce enterprises can deliver superior customer experiences.

Arun Gupta: Omni-channel is the way to go

While mobile offers a great option for customer engagement for retailers, they should look at providing an omni-channel experience for maximum sales conversions.

Retail ecommerce: Content as your sales strategy

Content might be just the competitive alpha that your ecommerce setup needs. 

Winning the connected omnichannel experience game

The physical and digital worlds are converging, and seamless shopping is table stakes for today’s retailers. These are pushing them to create unified experiences for their customers, with intelligent integration of data to customize every interaction.