Agenda 2018: Analytics
Agenda 2018: Analytics
Getting actionable insights using analytics

IDC study says the worldwide revenues from big data and business analytics will hit USD 187 billion by 2019. Banking, discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing, central government, and professional services will be taking maximum advantage, says IDC.

Building a data-driven organization with IoT and AI

IoT and AI will bring large and diverse data sets that will result in new challenges. Here’s how organizations can leverage these technologies to become data driven.

Analytics: The emergence of data lakes

Data Lakes encourage schema-free entry of raw data into the stores, unlike traditional Data Warehouses. Thus they can contain structured, unstructured and semi-structured data in the same environment, setting stage for wonders of Machine Learning.

The rise of Visual Analytics

Visualization tools uncover several dimensions of data and presents a neat, simple, story-based explanation of insights, supplemented by high quality visualizations, by marrying the intellect of the human analyst with the raw computation power of analytics tools.

Deciphering the stagnant pool of unstructured data

Inducing structure into unstructured data has direct benefits that impact user experience and customer engagement. Machine Learning is being used to crack some of the most difficult problems in this domain.

Analytics in 2018: Machine Learning becomes all pervasive

Here's an attempt to comprehend what this year holds, with respect to data, analytics, all things in between, and beyond: Full stack Data Scientists, Deep Learning, Augmented Analytics...