Agenda 2018: Mobility
Agenda 2018: Mobility
Mobility strategy of the future: How APIs will change the game

In an era where people are customers and so are things, enterprises need to up their mobility strategy and APIs is the savior for the future.

Has MDM become an integral part of the BYOD strategy?

With the rapid adoption of Bring Your Own Device trend, enterprises are pushed to implement MDM tools to effectively prevent business data from falling into the wrong hands.

2018: The era of mobile commerce and e-payments

The new year will see the Indian marketplace transitioning to a mobile driven economy that will see an increase in electronic transactions.

Smart cities: How technologies like mobility and IoT can transform our cities

Newer technologies like mobility and IoT have to be executed correctly so that Modi’s vision of smart cities can radically enhance the way our urban spaces operate.

India will leapfrog towards digital economy and social integration

With new tech-enabled platforms like Aadhar, eKYC and UPI ,India is poised towards being a digital economy that will also drive social integration