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Top 10 strategic technologies impacting higher education in 2019: Gartner

There are a variety of factors that are starting to force higher education institutions to address security and risk matters with a multidimensional strategy.

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Sitecore Managed Cloud security standards

This white paper gives a description of the Sitecore Managed Cloud Hosting deployment option and its compliance and security certifications, as well as an overview of the Information Security Program (ISP) and organization at Sitecore.

Spring 2019: Humanizing the digital experience

Today's digital business strategies come with a list of enticing expectations: improved efficiency, increased productivity, new revenue streams, to name a few. But organizations are finding that to be successful they need to improve the digital experience. Read on to see how some 2019 Digital Edge 50 award-winning organizations have done just that by adding a human touch.

TCS develops solutions to increase adoption of blockchain across industries

TCS plans to scale up hybrid cloud infrastructure with new capabilities and a micro-services architecture which will enable enterprise customers to transform digitally.

Rajesh Garg joins Trident as CXO-IT, to drive industrial automation 4.0

Rajesh Garg, who was earlier the CIO and VP - digital transformation solutions at Rolta India, has joined Trident as CXO-IT and will drive industrial automation 4.0 along with group IT.

Cloud monitoring, management tools come up short: Survey

Cost and complexity are the top shortcomings of tools enterprises need for monitoring and managing their cloud services, according to Enterprise Management Associates.

2019: Year of the edge-centric enterprise

Advancements in AI operations, expansion of multi-cloud storage and a new class of storage memory, will result in intelligent storage that adapts and adjusts in real time, moving data faultlessly while optimizing it. 

Hyperconvergence breathes new life into desktop virtualization

Virtual desktop infrastructure (or VDI) has been an intriguing idea for a long time. We look at the pros and cons of VDI and whether the emergence of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) will finally make implementing virtual desktops feasible.

EY, Blue Prism offers ‘RPA as a service’ on Microsoft Azure for Indian organisations

The two companies have jointly commissioned several large-scale RPA deliveries in core and support business functions.

Why you shouldn't rush into the cloud

Tech chiefs are feeling the heat to move systems to the cloud. The pressure is coming not just from vendors who see the future of their products in the cloud but also increasingly from CEOs and board members.

Why 5G is a major game changer for cloud computing

The data transmission rates that 5G proposes to bring – (upto 20 GBPS, that’s 20 times what 4G ever promised) – were unimaginable even a few years ago.