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Top 10 data and analytics technology trends for 2019: Gartner

Augmented analytics, continuous intelligence and explainable artificial intelligence (AI) are among the top trends in data and analytics technology.

DigitalOcean appoints Barry Cooks as its new CTO

Former VMware exec has over on 20 years of experience to expand upon the product strategy and vision to deliver the developer cloud of choice.

Artificial intelligence is the new oil: Rajeeb Hazra

AI is the transformer that takes data and generates insights at a rate and depth that wasn’t possible before, says Rajeeb Hazra, Corporate VP, Data Center Group, Intel Corporation.

Cloud computing trends for 2019

Cloud computing is a fast moving beast, with new trends and technologies popping up all the time. Last year we predicted serverless and Kubernetes to maintain their strong momentum, and that the 'big three' vendors would maintain their stranglehold on the market.

Conde Nast embraces chaos engineering to protect against outages

Here's how Conde Nast International turned to incident response and visibility organisation PagerDuty to help protect against costly outages.

Institute for ethical AI wants ‘world where systems behave ethically’

The institute will undertake research in the emerging field of quantitative fairness and work with the public and private sectors to put the research into practice. It will release open source ethical AI tools that can be adopted and adapted.

Juniper CTO talks cloud, high-speed networking

Juniper CTO Bikash Koley looks at disaggregation, cloud computing and intent-based networking as he looks toward 2019.

Deep dive learning: Govt department uses AI to monitor fish stocks

Counting the fish in the waters off Darwin has, until recently, been either deadeningly dull or potentially deadly, depending on the way you go about it.

Tech Mahindra launches AI based talent exchange marketplace

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) based platform, Talex, will address internal skill gap and has been developed by an in-house team of young disruptors.

Technical debt can slow IT to a crawl: Dr. Bill Curtis, Cast Software

Businesses today are facing extremely expensive glitches owing to accumulated technical debt across global IT systems, says Dr. Bill Curtis, Chief Scientist at Cast Software and Director of the Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ).

Zendesk rolls out CRM platform built on Amazon Web Services

“It’s time to break free from CRM platforms that think they’re the center of the universe and lock you into an outdated view of the world,” said Mikkel Svane, Zendesk founder and CEO. 

Google Cloud launches AI Hub to simplify machine learning deployment

Google Cloud is launching two new tools to help customers design, launch and keep track of their machine learning algorithms.