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Project management: 5 tips for managing your project budget

Budget overruns are a project manager’s nightmare. These budget management strategies will keep your project budget under control, and your stakeholders happy.

Apurva Venkat

Determining, documenting and sharing a project’s scope can be complicated and stressful. Here are a couple of business leaders willing to share how they go about it and what they found to be successful.

CIOs believe Zoho’s de-rationing model needs to mature

Zoho’s new initiative to bring in 38 apps in one suite is perceived to be a bold new step in the software licensing model. Let’s take a look at what the top IT heads think of this business model.

No shortcuts! Do cloud requirements discovery right
The discovery phase is the weakest part of any cloud project, but getting it wrong can cost you dearly.
IT project success rates finally improving
After years of stagnating IT project success rates, a new survey from PMI shows that rates are finally on the rise.
11 ways company politics can thwart your projects
Politics is an unfortunate reality in many workplaces, but there are steps you can take to reduce the pervasiveness and impact to projects.
PwC speeds up digital delivery

With the deployment of its Digital Experience Center, PwC is the now the first among the ‘Big 4’ in India that helps businesses deliver scalable prototypes which can be tested and deployed within days.

How to choose the right project management tools
With all the project management and collaboration tools available today, it's important for companies to carefully evaluate which ones will best meet their needs today and in the future.
Are you ready for remote project management?
The need for remote project management is a reality for most businesses today. But how ready is your business for the move? Here are some things to help evaluate preparedness.
How to spot signs your project is about to fail
There are many possible reasons a project is headed for problems. While some are easy to spot and correct, others may signify more deep-rooted issues that can derail even the best-laid plans.
6 proven project team communication strategies
Projects succeed only if your team is strong, and project teams are strong only if they have effective communication strategies.
Why political candidates can't do agile
It’s voting season, and we all know how candidates for office act. They have to be light on their feet, but their behavior is anything but ’agile‘… and their habits would destroy any agile project. Once you’ve absorbed that idea, substitute the word ’executives‘ for ‘candidates.’