Project Management Software

How to find the perfect project manager
CIO David L. Stevens say project managers are critical to his organization's success, so much so that he shook up the org chart soon after he started in his post.
Planning is key to project management success
Pick any major event, trip or undertaking in your life and think about the time, energy and work put into making sure everything went off without a hitch. Then think about the stress and aggravation you experienced those times when things didn't go as planned.
5 areas of IT that will end soon
Former Fortescue Metals CIO, Vito Forte, lists the 5 areas of technology that he believes will soon disappear as corporate IT gets ready for the next wave of disruption.
Should you outsource your project management?

Take time to thoroughly evaluate why outsourcing project management may or may not be a good move for your organization.

10 tips to get the most out of your project management system
Just about everyone who manages projects will agree that having a simple way to do so is a great idea. And there are many software systems out there that promise to do just that. Yet ask organizations about project management software adoption and many will complain about workers refusing or being hesitant to use the software or certain (often crucial) features.
CIOs need to care more about project management
Only two CIOs I've ever worked for over the past 15 years have really cared about project management.
5 ways to use Note Links, Evernote's secret weapon for getting organized
You don't know Evernote unless you know Note Links. Sure, Evernote's unbeatable for collecting everything from business cards to billing statements, but without a plan for organizing these items, the note-taking tool quickly becomes a junk drawer.
Harcourts' latest move: Office 365
New technology platforms were needed to support our plan to operate in 100 countries, says CIO Jason Willls.
Oracle customizes project management for lines of business
One size no longer fits all for enterprise software, Oracle has found. The company has customized its project management software to meet specific requirements of clients in government, financial services and the construction business.
Why customer satisfaction is your most important project metric
I was recently hired by a CIO who had a problem with the organisation sidestepping the IT team to deliver key projects. The business "was going around us for their project delivery," the CIO told me.
Haiku Deck's Zuru tool uses AI to help you create PowerPoints fast
Most people hate putting together a PowerPoint deck. If you're one of those, Haiku Deck's new Zuru tool promises to cut the time you need to spend to do so to a matter of minutes.
Switched on CIO: Simon Clarke of Trustpower
Simon Clarke treaded quite an unusual career path – corporate lawyer, CEO, and now general manager business solutions and technology for Trustpower.