Synaptris Launches FewClixs for Lotus Notes Email Users

The email add on will help prioritization, precise earch, personalization and social network discovery.

Varsha Chidambaram Jan 20th 2010 A-A+


The email add on will help prioritization, precise earch, personalization and social network discovery.

Synaptris announced the public Beta availability of FewClix , an email productivity add-on for Lotus Notes Email users.

According to Synaptrics, FewClix delivers significant email productivity gains and saves time for end-users everyday: Over the past several months, the FewClix Private Beta Program has helped to validate that the product meets the needs of users in live enterprise environments.FewClix is an email productivity application tht has been desined to help users:

  • Prioritize their email
  • Search any email
  • Personalize their mailbox and email experience
  • Organize their mailbox for clearing the clutter or for archiving
  • Utilize their email network to extend their social network

The FewClix Beta product is available on the Lotus Notes platform for both enterprises and individual users and can be downloaded at the company website.

"As participants of the FewClix Private Beta Program, we are impressed with the value that FewClix adds to the email experience, particularly in the areas of email prioritization, search and email organization," said Manish Choksi, Chief, Corporate Strategy & CIO, Asian Paints . "We are evaluating an enterprise-wide deployment as we expect that FewClix will deliver significant time savings and increased email productivity for our users," he added.

Commenting on the rising volumes of email in enterprises, Praveen Sengar, Research Manager at IDC said, "Email management for end users is growing in significance as the number of users and data volume increase. Additionally, the rapid growth projection of unstructured email data means that organizations need to fundamentally address corporate policy management regularly, and support its users' evolving email search requirements."

The FewClix Private Beta Program invited feedback from the beta sers and are working to  incorporate them in the final version of the produuct. FewClix plans to extend support for additional platforms including Microsoft Outlook after the General Availability launch of the current offering.