Executive Coach

Balance High Tech and High Touch : Richard Sauerman

Lead the brave new world with honest communiqué and brand value backed by technology as the business enabler, says Richard Sauerman, Brand and Communications Strategist.

What CIOs can learn from Socialpreneur Peter Baines

C-suite executives and entrepreneurs should have an on-ground presence mainly in crisis and always acting with speed, sensitivity and structure, says Peter Baines, formed cop now business consultant.

Executive coaching is making rapid inroads in India: Jay Kumar Hariharan, Blue Fire Consultants

Watch Jay Kumar Hariharan, CEO and Chief Coach, Blue Fire Coaching Consultants talk about how conflicts crop up in organizations; the formula for trust; and how an executive coach differs from trainers in an organization.

What CIOs Can Learn from a Sahara Adventurer

Steve Donahue, a desert adventurer and a best-selling author, takes experiences from his travels in the Sahara and turns them into lessons for CIOs, as they navigate the shifting sands of today's business and IT environment.

B. Dayananda, Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic), Bangalore City, On Smart City

B. Dayananda, I.P.S, Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic), Bangalore City  talks  about what needs to be done to make Bangalore a smart city , the IT initiatives which have been implemented and the plans in the pipeline. 

Dr. Meena Surie Wilson on the Science of Leadership

Dr. Meena Surie Wilson, Senior Enterprise Associate, Center for Creative Leadership, talks about why business leadership is more crucial today and the four leadership skills she believes leaders need. She also shares the five experiences CIOs need to have to boost their leadership quotient.

Pavan Bakshi on How to Lead Without a Title

Pavan Bakshi, Veteran Colonel, Certified Executive Coach and Trainer from the Army War College, Military College of Telecom Engineering talks about leadership